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Venus Flytrap - DCXL 

A spectacular cultivar variety, that is apparently the "Biggest VFT" so far that is known in cultivation.

A large plant, nice red colouration in the large traps. This particular clone has very large traps(so far 40+mm)  and seems to stay large even in winter, when most other VFT varieties are dormant.


Mature Large Healthy Plants.


This is the famous Venus Flytrap, were most people start to learn about Carnivorous Plants and Venus FlyTraps(VFT) are generally the first type of interesting plant that people start their collections with. These are healthy large sized plants.

Requires bright light to grow well.


Venus Fly Traps have a winter dormancy period. During this time the plants will  grow shorter, wider leaves. Then resume growing long slender leaves when the spring weather starts. 

Mature plants will start flowering in Spring. The flowering process tends to deplete/tax the plants energy somewhat, so I reccomend cutting the flower stalk off as it emerges, so the plant can concentrate on producing it's amazing traps and the plant will look its best.

Venus Flytrap - DCXL

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