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also known as Butterworts, can generally be classed into 2 distinct growing climates. Tropical(Mexican) and Temperate climates.


Here we will talk about the Tropical(Mexican) Pinguicula, as known as Mexican Pinguicula.

Temperate – Grows well in Mild Temperate conditions. EG, a Mild Summer/Winter. But will tolerate cooler temperatures.




Light-       Grows well in bright, well lit areas. Performs better under strong light. 


Water-     Keep soil moist and plants watered regularly preferably bottom watering method. Eg Using a water tray or saucer.


Soil -         Sand/perlite 40% / Sphagnum peat 60%

         Or      Use our Premium Tropical Pinguicula mix, formulated by Primal Plants, with added nutrients for best results.


Temperature -                  Growth is most active during Spring Summer and Autumn.

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