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Venus Flytraps (Dionea muscipula)

The most famous of Carnivorous plants with its Fast activating traps that snap shut when an insect comes into contact with the traps. Their are many different forms or cultivars of Venus Flytraps. With many new types becoming popular over the last several years. Many of which have unusually deformed traps.

Light- These plants require plenty of bright light to do well.

Soil- Plants do well in a sphagnum peat based mix. Mix with approximately 40 % perlite or sand.

Water- Keep well watered. Preferably bottom watered using the tray method or saucer.

Dormancy- Most varieties require a winter dormancy were the plants will recede to a small size or below the soil surface for a short period during cooler months. The plants will re-emerge in springtime with renewed vigour and a burst of spring growth.

Flowering- Venus Flytraps generally flower at the start of springtime. The plants generally use a lot of their spring energy at the start of the growing season. For this reason we recommend removing the entire flower stalk so the plants can concentrate their energy to grow into bigger plants and not waste energy flowering.

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