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Nepenthes , also known as Tropical Pitcher Plants can be classed into 2 distinct growing climates. Warm Tropical and Cool Tropical growing climates. 


Nepenthes,(The Kings of Carnivorous Plants) are probably the most desirable and popular type of Carnivorous plants. 



Warm tropical or sometimes referred to as Lowland.Temperatues should be maintained above 16 degrees Celsius minimum but should have a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius.


Cool tropical or Highland. Generally require a cool night and warm day to do well. Temperatures Ideally should have cool nights 8-15 degrees Celsius to day temperatures of 28 degrees Celsius maximum. Although most will tolerate higher and lower temperatures.



Light -

 Grows well in bright, well lit areas. Preferably bright indirect light or with some shading in very strong lit areas. 


Water -

 Keep soil moist and with plants watered regularly. Plants should not be sitting in water. Excess water should be allowed to drain away freely. High humidity recommended for good plant and pitcher growth.

A good quality water is recommended eg; Reverse osmosis but generally Tap water is OK as well.


Soil -         

 Standard soil type should be well draining. Plants can be grown in.

Sand 40%/ Sphagnum Peat 60%. 

Or Sphagnum Moss 100%

Coconut husk chips, perlite, orchid bark or a combination of these. 

We personally use Coconut husks or Sphagnum moss. But it should be noted that sphagnum moss generally doesn't do well with tap water due to the chlorine.

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