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A Carnivorous Plant Native to Portugal and Spain.  Also know as the ‘Dewy Pine’ or ‘Portugese Sundew’. Drosophyllum are very good at catching insects on their sticky leaves.

Although this genus looks similar in appearance to a Drosera (Sundew)species, it isn’t. Dropsophyllum is in a class of its own. 

The cultivation requirement are Mediterranean like climates. Being , Mild wet winters, and hot dry summers.


Cultivation ,Growing tips.


Seed Germination

There are several methods to germinate seed, We have found the easiest, and most successful method is to pour hot boiling water on the seeds for 10-15 seconds then plant onto the soil surface. Other methods involve cutting or sanding the seed coat, which can be very difficult due to the small size of the seeds.


Light :

Full Sun is best. Or bright light.


Temperature :


 Drosophyllum are Mediterranean natives.  Generally they can be grown outdoors year-round with hot dry summers and rainy winters.  They can take very light frosts and brief freezes.  If you are growing them in a situation with reasonable frosts or extended Freezes then some protection may be required. You can do this by moving the plants inside.


Dormancy :  No Dormancy.


Soil : 


Unlike most carnivores, Drosophyllum like to be kept a little on the dry side.  So a soil mix with a higher proportion of sand is preferable. We tend to use a mix composed of equal parts perlite, peat moss, coarse vermiculite, and sand. 

Plants preferably, should be potted in large 10 -12 Inch terracotta pots and not repotted once established. Plants tend to dislike repotting and many will often die if the sensitive roots are disturbed. 

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